i crave thin

age - 15

i've never truly been happy with my body. i'm 135 and 5'6.. to some people that may sound normal. but underneath everything, for me it's really not. every girl i'm friends with is either extremely short with a very tiny figure or very tall and extremely thin. and then there's me, average. i always tell myself "i'll do it tomorrow" but not today, because i'm finally going to be proud of my body and who i am - starting now.

full days without binging-1

ugw-115- aside the numbers, i just want it to be so that when i look in the mirror, i'm happy with what i see.

together we can do this ♥


people don’t take me seriously. don’t worry that she isn’t eating because she isn’t skinny so it’s okay. don’t worry that she purges all the time because that does nothing, right. don’t worry that she’s depressed because she is still able to paint on her smile. don’t worry that she tried to kill herself, because she is still alive today. don’t worry that she is ill, just try and ignore it and hopefully it will go away. well i’m telling you now, it wont.

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I feeel like a failure. Today I had 10 almonds, carrotts, red pepper, an apple & a kiwi. That’s tons, and now I feel bloated..